Restaurant Impact


Oh yes! Email is alive and well and, when used correctly, can bring new and repeat customers into your restaurant every month on demand. We will show you how to build a massive list of loyal followers and then gently market them. The number of business to consumer emails sent and received per year exceed 257 billion emails by the end of the year. Yet, only a mere 13% of restaurant owners are currently promoting their business through restaurant email marketing. That is a hugely untapped market that offers an excellent opportunity to the restaurant owners that are not producing a restaurant newsletter yet.

Email is highly targeted, measurable, and desired. You have a contact list of restaurant patrons, so you know who you are marketing. You know when they received your email and the action they took. And you know they want to receive the emails because they gave you their email address and permission to send them.

Research shows that over 90% of customers that receive restaurant newsletters find them useful at some point, showing that they are opening the emails and are engaged in the content they contain if you send them. You do not want your restaurant missing out on this kind of exposure.


Increased foot traffic into restaurants is generally the most significant benefit our clients see when implementing a restaurant email marketing campaign. Sending weekly or monthly emails keeps your restaurant top of mind when people are planning out dinners for the week or trying to decide on a restaurant to celebrate an upcoming birthday or well-deserved promotions.

Restaurant email marketing offers you an audience to market to now and for years to come. It is an audience interested in you and has asked to receive more information about you. As you gain more contacts to add to your email lists, you achieve those customers for life and make your way up through the restaurant industry. You own your email contact list and do not have to pay to get them as you have to through some social channels. It is like an all you can eat buffet that never closes.



First, you need to determine a strategy for your restaurant email marketing campaign. We will chat with you to help you develop your short-term and long-term goals and then formulate a campaign to help you achieve those. We will go over email templates, content ideas, email marketing platforms, and more. We will explain the strategy to you and walk you through how each step will bring you that much closer to achieving your goals.


We then generate a contact list for your emails if you do not already have one. If so, we try new methods to add more contacts to your list by setting up lead magnets on your website. These lead magnets generally offer coupons, discounts, or free menu items such as appetizers or desserts. These lead magnets will automatically populate an email with the free offer and deliver it to their inbox while simultaneously adding the website visitor’s email to your contact list for all future emails and restaurant newsletters.


One of the best features of email is it allows you to be both in your restaurant managing it and in the palms of people’s hands as they check their email on their phone. We can set up email automation that triggers different emails depending on the customer’s action when they receive the email. Even things like welcome emails and birthday emails are things we can automate. Automated emails are a great way to be responsive and provide a service without press send physically.


Your restaurant newsletter is where you get to share all the information about your restaurant that you do not want to be in a promotional email. We can craft weekly or monthly newsletters that share your restaurant’s happenings like new menu changes, employee highlights, happy hour specials, and popup community events. Your restaurant newsletter is also a great time to share the story behind your restaurant and build a foundational relationship with your customers. The more they feel like they know you, the more they will patronize your restaurant.


We will use the data from your monthly reports to understand what your customers like, respond to, and want to see in your future emails. We will also segment your list by varying characteristics based on their interests and the type of customer.

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